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Ten Museum Park Condominiums

1040 Biscayne BLVD, Miami, Florida

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Miami is currently populated with among of the highest and amazing condos Miami developers have ever built. In the late 80's, and specially during the last residential construction boom, Downtown changed into a new city within the city of Miami featuring the finest residential high rise at Ten Museum Pk Residential. Generally known in recent years as being the financial district, Downtown, with the construction of numerous condominium and apartment towers, has extended its feel from lower Downtown as the upscale residential neighborhood into upper Downtown.

Experience all that Downtown Life has to offer while living in a unique city setting. The condos have different views and range from 791 to 5,247 square feet. Outside its popularity for a vacation spot, a large number of people call Downtown home. You can ask the local community about this property to get information and advice from actual property owners and they’ll say how much they love their surroundings. Ten Museum Pk Residential is minutes away from the beach, Miami center. Please visit our sale or rental page to see what’s currently available as we make sure that the listings are up to the minute current.